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Published: 27th June 2012
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Humans have the tendency to move with the latest trends. Ever changing fashion brings something new every day and what better than shoes can define the recent changes that latest fashion has brought to us. Last year, you might have purchased the fresh pairs, out of which, many are still ruling the trends, while other styles have just become bygones. When you spot the new styles in footwear, you definitely want to add them to their existing collection. The product catalogue of shoes given below is to update ladies with the latest shoe trends that are in fashion right now. Have a look:

Sneakers: Sneakers are primarily associated with sports activities, but you may be surprised to know that they are now available in a completely new avatar. Wedge sneakers are what is ruling the trends these days. Most women prefer wearing wedges when it comes to adding a few inches with wide support and what more can you ask for, when you have completely new form of athletic wedge sneakers. Wear these trendy shoes with short skirts or shorts to flaunt a matchless style anywhere you hang out. Sneakers should be there in every girl’s wardrobe, so go for them.

Classic stilettos: Stilettos for women are like their favorite friends without which they just can’t do. Every girl must have at least one pair of stilettos. But, the latest collection presented by top brands in bright colors, like red and green would take your breath away and you’ll add even more to your collection.

Funky gladiators: Various styles in gladiators make girls go fancied about having all of them. Whether it’s thin-heeled gladiators, block heels, sandals, or shoes gladiators—all these styles makes gladiators a perfect choice for every dress. You can wear them with medium-length skirts, tight-fit denims, and short dresses. They would add more to your flamboyant personality. Choices in colors, like leather blacks, cool blues, and other shades would make your shoe closet more impressive.

A retro touch: Some well-known retro styles like polka dots, floral prints, tie-dye effects, etc. have been introduced in sandals, wedges, pumps, and many other footwear, last year. And, these unique patterns have become so popular, that retro is still in vogue. You can choose some of the classic retro looks to make your choices for shoes even more diverse. Footwear with retro touch stripes would do all the talking for you and your supreme style.

Popular platforms: Platforms are among the top choices in footwear for women, these days. They like wearing platforms, as along with a good height, this shoe-pair lets their feet go easy. For the ladies with curvaceous figures, platforms make the good choice. These footwear are highly popular among the girls due to their appealing patterns and lovable colors. Neutral or muted shades in platforms do rule the women’s heart and some additions like glittery appearance have made them even more classy.

Peep toes: Peep toes have also undergone significant transformations in last year and they are still ruling the trends. They have become more stylish and vibrant. Solid colors and fresh styles, like transparent ones, have added a new dimension to these classy pairs. High-rise heels to more flat ones have made the choices wider for every lady out there.

Upgrade your shoe closet with these styles. Hit the footwear stores today or shop online to grab some latest piece to add some spice to your usual collection. Let your shoes do all the good for you. Bring forth the diva inside you and let your shoes get all the attention in tonight’s party. Accentuate your every step while putting your feet into something stylish and peppy. Enjoy!

Manu Bansal is a fashion enthusiast and blogger who loves to write about the latest trends in shoes and clothing. She feels happy to share her passion for fashion and lifestyle through blogs and articles.

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